3D labels

Branding markings

3D labels

3D Labels


3D labels are perfect solution for those who want to emphasize the brand in a sophisticated and economical way. Logo covered with crystalline polyurethane attracts attention and increases the value of the product in the eyes of the customer. High-class foil, precise printing and highest-quality resin guarantee resistance to external factors and durability of the sticker for many years. When you sign your product, the 3D sticker is the proverbial period over the “i”.

Versatility of 3D labels makes this product applicable in many different industries.It is used, among others for branding sanitary products, devices manufactured by energy industry, or in production of specialized vehicles and structures. Properly selected design and colors mean that our customers are also manufacturers of prams, sports equipment as well as office, social and medical furniture.

3D Labels


3D Labels


3D Labels



crystalline 2-component polyurethane,
self-adhesive vinyl foil, polyester, PVC


Digital Printing, Thermal Transfer Printing, UV Printing, Screen Printing,
Coating with 2-Component Polyurethane
Underlamination (Reverse Side Lamination)
Plotting, Die-cutting


total thickness ~ 1.6 mm
shape: square, rectangle, circle, ellipse, custom, individual
rounded corners, radius min. 1 mm


PANTONE palette
RAL palette
CMYK (digital, multicolored printing)


strengthening the adhesion with an additional glue layer
construction with a layer of foam glue
available on sheets or as single pieces


optional, depending on used modifications

3D Labels

Application / industries

Household appliances industry, kitchen fittings, bathroom fittings, bathtubs and shower cabins, office furniture, social furniture, medical furniture, automotive industry, specialized vehicles, vans, buildings, buses, prams, sports equipment, medical and rehabilitation equipment, devices electric, switchboards, gas boxes, boats and yachts, windows, doors, garage doors, agricultural equipment, tractors, semi-trailer, trailers

3D Labels


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