Wide spectrum  of specialized products and technological support allow us to be a reliable partner of companies operating in many different branches of industry.

We are wherever it is necessary to mark product with a logotype or use a properly selected technological sticker or functional marking.

How to make a household appliance or Television product stand out from many similar products manufactured by companies operating on Polish market? Design and quality counts. We have both!

Production of household goods in Poland has a long tradition. This sector attracts numerous investors who, based on the existing infrastructure, knowledge and qualifications of employees, have built an extremely modern and internationally competitive industry sector. We are part of it, supplying Polish factories with various types of markings and functional elements.

Can you imagine a new car coming off the production line without a brand-specific logo? … We either!

Companies in the automotive industry produce various types of vehicles and elements related to this sector. They include, among others, car bodies, all kinds of components, as well as accessory elements such as decorative strips, roof racks or hubcaps. We are present everywhere with our products from the range of branding, technological and functional marking.

Designer desk or chair… and where’s the space for branding? If you are wondering how to choose right marking for a modern form of furniture, you are in the right place.

Designers and constructors operating in dynamically developing furniture industry in Poland, apart from durability and quality, pay special attention to aesthetics and design. Our branding labels meet these expectations.

Difference is in the details! Many windows and doors manufacturers  use this maxim. One of details that distinguishes product from the competition is tasteful and modern labeling, adjusted to not impose its form, and at the same time emphasize the uniqueness of the brand.

Window and door joinery industry is the most prospective and fastest growing area of the economy. It is also one of the Polish export specialties.

The domestic market of construction joinery currently consists of tens of thousands of well-known and reputable enterprises. Large part of them are our customers who sign their products with our labels.

Luxury products also require prestigious branding. In addition to aesthetics, long term  durability and resistance to difficult operating conditions are also of key importance. These features are combined in our products, which are widely used among manufacturers of boats and yachts.

Poland is a powerhouse in the production of yachts and motor boats. It is one of our national export hits, highly appreciated by foreign customers. Polish shipyards and companies operating in this industry are very innovative. They are constantly working on improving drives, covers and details that affect quality of manufactured products. We keep pace with them by offering a wide range of markings tailored to their needs.

How to increase the safety of electrical devices? Prevention in the form of clear and permanent warning and information signs is of crucial importance here. To meet these expectations, we create products dedicated to the power industry.

Our offer of markings for this industry is directed mainly to producers of all kinds of electrical switchboards, housings as well as control and measurement devices. We cooperate with the leaders of this market in Poland. In addition to functional and technological markings, we also provide high-quality stickers, signing the products of our customers with logotypes.