Stickers and nameplates

Technological and functional markings

Stickers and nameplates

Stickers and nameplates

Product characteristic

If product needs to be quickly and easily identifiable, the best solution is to provide it with a nameplate label. Thanks to a modern machine park, we are able to perform this type of marking in many interesting variants. From typical aluminum nameplates, through stickers with variable numbering, barcodes and mosaic codes, QR codes, to stickers with special laminates, allowing you to add content manually.

Stickers and nameplates

Technology Attributes


Variable data and serial numbering printing on various types of media


Marking with bar codes and mosaic QR codes


Possibility of permanent protection of manually entered data

Stickers and nameplates


Stickers and nameplates



self-adhesive vinyl, polyester, PVC foil
glue film


digital printing, thermal transfer printing, UV printing, screen printing
plotting, die cutting, laser cutting


shape: square, rectangle, circle, ellipse, individual


PANTONE palette
RAL palette
CMYK (digital, multicolored printing)


possibility of securing print in the lamination process
strengthening the adhesion with an additional glue layer
construction with a layer of foam glue
available on sheets or as single pieces


optional, depending on the volume

Stickers and nameplates

Application / industries

Agricultural equipment and machinery, automotive industry, specialized vehicles, boilers and CO stoves manufacturers, household appliances industry, RTV products, electronic equipment, medical equipment, control and measurement equipment, industrial equipment, sports and fitness equipment, railways, social and warehouse furniture

Stickers and nameplates


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