Embossed metal emblems

Branding markings

Embossed metal emblems

Embossed Metal Emblems

Product characteristic

Based on high-quality raw materials, such as aluminum or stainless steel, in combination with a specially selected glue layer, we have developed a range of elegant and effective self-adhesive emblems. Particular attention is paid to technology of embossing entire logo and selected elements of logo that we use. Embossed emblems are widely used among manufacturers from many different industries, for which the common denominator are design, quality and durability.

This type of marking is used, i. a. by producers of kitchen fittings for branding composite and steel sinks. Embossed emblems are also used for marking armchairs and chairs, and even upholstered furniture. High durability of this product to various external factors means that it is also popular among manufacturers from the sanitary industry and laboratory equipment, as well as companies operating in the broadly understood automotive segment.

Embossed Metal Emblems

Technology Attributes

Embossed Metal Emblems


Embossed Metal Emblems



stainless steel
adhesive film, foam glue
protecting foil


stamping, embossing
screen printing
underlamination (lamination on the underside of the emblem)


average total thickness ~ 1.0 mm - 1.5 mm
shape: square, rectangle, circle, ellipse


shiny silver
matt silver
brushed silver
PANTONE palette
RAL palette


possibility of modifying emblem thickness


required, for multiple use

Embossed Metal Emblems

Application / industries

office furniture, social furniture, upholstered furniture, bathroom furniture, kitchen fittings, bathroom fittings, bathtubs and shower cabins, sanitary devices, windows, doors, garage doors, heaters, central heating stoves and boilers, roller shutters, shutters, awnings, audio and video devices, Household appliances, automotive industry

Embossed Metal Emblems


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