Chrome emblems

Branding markings

Chrome emblems

Chrome Emblems

Product characteristic

Development of chrome marking technology has allowed us to introduce emblems that, thanks to extraordinary accuracy of workmanship and the highest quality raw materials, perfectly reflect the exclusivity of the brand, while emphasizing durability and reliability of the product. Chrome emblems are a combination of very thin metal subjected to galvanization process with a layer of specialized self-adhesive foil, which can additionally be printed in the indicated color from the RAL, PANTONE or CMYK palette. This composition gives us great opportunities to obtain interesting visual effects, while ensuring a high durability of the marking.

The chrome emblems, like chrome letters, are synonymous with exclusivity. Therefore, markings made in this technology are used, among others, for branding of luxury products such as high-class furniture, audio equipment, RTV or household appliances, but also bathroom and kitchen fittings. This type of stickers is more and more often used by leaders of the window, door and cover industry, i.e. manufacturers of roller shutters and window blinds.

Chrome Emblems

Technology Attributes

Chrome Emblems


Chrome Emblems



self-adhesive foil
glue film
transfer foil


digital printing, screen printing
underlamination (lamination on the underside of the emblem)
plotting, die cutting


thickness ~ 0.08-1.0 mm
shape: square, rectangle, circle, ellipse


shiny silver
matt silver
shiny gold
golden matte
PANTONE palette
RAL palette
CMYK (digital print, multicolored printing)


possibility of modifying thickness of the emblem
adjusting the transferlayer dimensions to the application space
possibility of using engraving effects


required, for multiple use

Chrome Emblems

Application / industries

RTV equipment, household appliances, office furniture, social furniture, medical furniture, bathroom furniture, kitchen fittings, bathroom fittings, bathtubs and shower cabins, windows, doors, garage doors, heaters, central heating stoves and boilers, roller shutters, shutters, awnings

Chrome Emblems


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