Foil emblems

Branding markings

Foil emblems

Foil Emblems


In order to meet the expectations and suggestions of customers, we have created a product that is perfect complement to our offer of branding labels. Signs of this type are produced in technology of layered lamination, thus obtaining interesting and varied visual effects. Great advantage of foil emblems is possibility of application on curved surfaces, which is practically impossible to achieve in case of markings made of aluminum, nickel or stainless steel.

Thanks to a hybrid of various technologies and raw materials, foil emblems combine exclusivity, an attractive price and almost unlimited application possibilities. They can be used in the branding of products dedicated to the construction industry by manufacturers of windows, doors and garage doors, as well as social, workshop and warehouse furniture. This solution is also eagerly used by companies producing prams and children’s accessories or sports equipment.

Foil Emblems

Technology Attributes

Foil Emblems


Foil Emblems



self-adhesive vinll, polyester or PVC foil
top laminate glossy, matte or structural
foam glue


digital printing, thermal transfer printing, UV printing
overlamination (lamination on the upper side of the emblem)
underlamination (lamination on the underside of the emblem)
plotting, die cutting


average total thickness ~ 1.0 mm
shape: square, rectangle, circle, ellipse
90 ° corners


CMYK palette (digital, multi-color printing)


possibility of modifying thickness of the emblem
additional effect of brushed stainless steel
available on sheets or as single pieces


optional, depending on used modifications

Foil Emblems

Zastosowanie / branże

Office furniture, social furniture, workshop furniture, windows, doors, garage doors, heaters, central heating stoves and boilers, roller blinds, shutters, awnings, prams, sports equipment, automotive industry, specialized vehicles, vans, built-in

Foil Emblems


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