Front panels and elevations

Technological and functional markings

Front panels and elevations

Front panels and elevations


Advanced electronics is the heart of many consumer appliances, and its face is control panels and front elevations. We know that combination of high-class design and perfect workmanship guarantees success in sale of utility products, therefore our products meet requirements of the best manufacturers of household appliances and industrial devices. Elements of this type hide sensitive components, manual switches and displays, therefore their mechanical strength and durability of application are our priority. Depending on application and design assumptions, control panels are made of polycarbonates or polyesters of various thicknesses and structures, from completely transparent, smooth and shiny to milky and structural.

Front panels and elevations



High-class raw materials that guarantee many years of durability


Possibility of embossing functional components


Permanent and indelible print on the underside of the facade

Front panels and elevations


Front panels and elevations



polycarbonate smooth glossy, smooth matte, structured
polyester smooth glossy, smooth matte, structured


digital printing, UV printing, screen printing selective varnishing
underlamination (lamination on the underside of the facade)
plotting, die cutting


varied thickness of materials
shape: square, rectangle, circle, ellipse, custom, individual


PANTONE palette
RAL palette
CMYK (digital, multicolored printing)


selective varnishing in area of windows or buttons
possibility of making windows and buttons without an adhesive layer
securing an external surface of the facade with a protective foil
adaptation of glue layer to the substrate


optional, depending on volume

Front panels and elevations

Application / industries

Household appliances industry, RTV products, electronic equipment, medical equipment, control and measurement equipment, medical furniture, industrial devices, controllers

Front panels and elevations


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