Flat inscriptions with an outline

Branding markings

Flat inscriptions with an outline

Flat inscriptions with an outline


Flat inscriptions with an outline are very precisely made, small dimensions stickers. They constitute a kind of evolution of flat lettering, and due to their properties, attractive finish and implementation costs, they are an alternative to chrome letters. In this technology, around the letters and logotype elements, there is an outline made of a very thin, transparent medium, which allows us to implement projects with very small dimensions. These inscriptions can be made in a monochrome version, e.g. shiny silver or matt silver, or in a multi-color version. For easy and precise application, this product is covered with a paper transfer.

Due to their properties and good price-quality ratio, flat inscriptions with an outline are often used as an economical alternative to chrome letters. This product is used in branding of office furniture, household and RTV products, and heating devices. This solution is also eagerly used by the window and door industry, manufacturers of roller shutters and window blinds, as well as companies producing accessories for automotive industry.

Flat inscriptions with an outline


Flat inscriptions with an outline


Flat inscriptions with an outline



thin crystalline self-adhesive foil
transfer paper


thermal transfer printing, UV printing
overlamination (lamination from the top side of the inscription)
plotting, die cutting


average total thickness ~ 0.9 mm
individual shape, outline of letters and logo elements


CMYK palette (digital, multicolored printing)


adjusting the transfer layer dimensions to the application space


optional, depending on the volume

Flat inscriptions with an outline

Application / industries

RTV equipment, household appliances, office furniture, social furniture, medical furniture, bathroom furniture, kitchen fittings, bathroom fittings, bathtubs and shower cabins, windows, doors, garage doors, heaters, central heating stoves and boilers, roller shutters, shutters, awnings

Flat inscriptions with an outline


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