3D TOP emblems

Branding markings

3D TOP emblems

3D TOP Emblems

Product characteristic

Technology of thermal forming of polyurethane gives us the possibility of creating multi-dimensional convex emblems. Unlike other 3D markings in our offer, we can shape individual elements of the logo, influencing their different height, cross-section or way the edge of emblem is finished. 3D TOP marking is our most technologically and stylistically advanced solution for product branding.

3D TOP emblems can be used wherever eye-catching detail and precise workmanship are important, in accordance with the designer’s intention. Recipient of this type components may be the automotive segment. 3D TOP markings are dedicated, among others, to manufacturers of rail vehicles, specialized vehicles, buses and vans. We can also see use of 3D TOP emblems in the household appliances industry for marking high-class electrical devices, as well as as exclusive elements for marking boats and yachts.

3D TOP Emblems

Technology Attributes

3D TOP Emblems


3D TOP Emblems



thermoformed polyurethane
foam glue selected according to the application substrate
transfer foil


colored polyurethane thermoforming
overlamination (lamination on the upper side of the emblem)
underlamination (lamination on the underside of the emblem)
plotting, die cutting


different heights of emblem and logo elements
shape: square, rectangle, circle, ellipse


PANTONE palette
RAL palette
shiny silver
matt silver


adjusting type of adhesive film to substrate
adjusting transfer layer dimensions to the application space
individual cross-section of the sign
individual edge finishing


required, for multiple use

3D TOP Emblems

Application / industries

Household appliances, electrical appliances, automotive, specialized vehicles, delivery trucks,car bodies, buses, , sports equipment, medical and rehabilitation equipment, boats and yachts, agricultural equipment, tractors, heating devices, central heating boilers and furnaces

3D TOP Emblems


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