3D PET letters

Branding markings

3D PET letters

3D PET Letters


We have expanded the range of 3D PET Letters with 3D PET technology that allows smaller details, while maintaining the original design of inscription and logotype. 3D PET letters looks  most interesting in shiny silver, matt silver and black. Of course, all products of this type are equipped with a transfer layer, which significantly facilitates and speeds up the application, while ensuring the precision of gluing.

3D PET Letters, like 3D letters made of polyurethane, are used by boat and yacht manufacturers, sports equipment companies or automotive industry, but thanks to the possibility of making them in smaller dimensions, they are also used for branding household appliances, medical devices, or by manufacturers of heating devices and central heating boilers.

3D PET Letters


3D PET Letters


3D PET Letters



polyethylene (PET)
glue film with adhesive strength selected appropriately to the substrate)
transfer foil


thermally colored polyethylene forming
overlamination (lamination from the top side of the letters)
underlamination (lamination on the underside of the letters)
plotting, die cutting


average total thickness ~ 1.6 mm with the possibility of modification
shape: individual, separate letters and logo elements rounded corners, min. 0.5 mm
minimum width of element covered with polyurethane ~ 3 mm


shiny silver
matt silver
glossy black
shiny white


adjusting type of adhesive film to the substrate
adjusting transfer layer dimensions to the application space


required, for multiple use

3D PET Letters

Application / industries

Automotive industry, specialized vehicles, vans, car bodies, buses, , sports equipment, medical and rehabilitation equipment, boats and yachts, agricultural equipment, tractors, semi-trailers, household appliances industry, heating devices, central heating boilers and furnaces

3D PET Letters


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