3D letters

Branding markings

3D letters

3D Letters


The 3D technology gives unique effects, especially when shape of sticker is an outline of a sign, an inscription or individual letters. All 3D letters are equipped with a transfer layer, which significantly facilitates and speeds up application, while ensuring precision of gluing. Products of this type are in demand wherever durability, aesthetics and product design are of key importance.

Typical industries for which we recommend the use of 3D letters are manufacturers of boats and yachts, production of specialized vehicles and public transport. Markings of this type are often used by our customers on agricultural devices and machines, but also on sports equipment, e.g. outdoor gyms or fitness equipment.

3D Letters


3D Letters


3D Letters



crystalline 2-component polyurethane
self-adhesive vinyl foil, polyester, PVC
transfer paper, transfer foil


digital printing, thermal transfer printing, UV printing, screen printing
coating with 2-component polyurethane
overlamination (lamination from the top side of the inscription)
underlamination (lamination on the underside of the inscription)
plotting, die cutting


total thickness ~ 1.6 mm
shape: individual, separate letters and logo elements, sign outline, rounded corners,
minimum radius. 1 mm,
minimum width of an element or a fragment of a letter 5 mm


PANTONE palette
RAL palette
CMYK (digital, multicolored printing)


strengthening the adhesion with an additional glue layer
adjusting the transfer dimensions to the application space


optional, depending on used modifications

3D Letters

Application / industries

Automotive industry, specialized vehicles, vans,car bodies, buses, , sports equipment, medical and rehabilitation equipment, boats and yachts, agricultural equipment, tractors, semi-trailers

3D Letters


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